A Case Study and what you need to know.

What happens when you don’t have appropriate discrimination policies in place and you haven’t provided training for your staff?


Case Study

A client phones in a panic. They have received a discrimination complaint from a staff member in relation to a senior colleague.

The business has a policy in place however has not issued it to staff, neither have they provided any information or training to the staff or to the senior

colleague in relation to appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

A subsequent investigation shows that some level of discrimination has occurred, though it has been totally unintentional.

The staff member decides to lodge a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity commission. The complaint is validated.

The staff member is offered a settlement from the business.This costs much money.

The senior staff member, who has been with the business for many years; resigns, the reputation of the business, is tainted.

In this case everyone loses, especially the business.

How can you and your business avoid this situation?

  1. Introduce (to your business and to your staff) an appropriate and well worded policy to cover this sensitive area.
  2. Provide staff the opportunity to read and have input and understand the policy and the implications of the policy.
  3. Ensure the policy is introduced and provided to new staff.
  4. Provide information sessions so that staff can understand their responsibilities and management can understand their additional responsibilities.
  5. Deal with any complaints promptly, without hesitation
  6. Provide regular information sessions/reminders
  7. Call in a specialist to assist (especially if things go off the rails).


You may need professional assistance to draft a well worded policy, introduce it your business or deal with (or conduct an investigation into)

this type of claim/situation effectively, safely and sensitively and to save your business time, money and much pain.  

We can help you.

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