Managing People – It’s All About the Communication

What is communication? – communication is the word, the tone, the intention, the message – we all communicate either by design or by default.  From the day we are born we are communicating our message into the world, onto other human beings.  The way that we communicate belongs to us exclusively; it is not a [...]

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Safely Separating or what not to do?

No matter how great your people management is, there may always be the time that you need to ‘part ways’ with an employee who is not towing the line or you may be wanting to ‘trim’ your business.... Separation or termination is considered to be a high risk area for many businesses.  However there are [...]

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Communication the Bane of My Existence?

Great people management starts with great communication so  today we  focus on the subject of communication and how you can communicate your message effectively to your employees. For many communicating with others becomes the ‘thorn’ in the side... In truth communication is really about the ongoing relationship of trust and mutual respect which you have [...]

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Top Ten Truths About Commitment

The word commit comes from the Latin word committere, which means to connect, entrust. When we stand behind our words, we demonstrate commitment. Commitment exists when our actions meet the expectation of our words - when there's a congruency between intent, words and action. Consider the following concepts & may they inspire you to live [...]

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Let’s Party…..but keep your business safe!

Our very best advice for enjoying your Staff Christmas Party while keeping your business safe!!   Remember always.... ‘An ounce of prevention can be worth many pounds of cure!!!’ Keep it short and sweet – have an advertised start and a finish time. (This can reduce the risk of the ‘party after the party’). Provide [...]

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Top 5 commonly asked questions unveiled

Question 1 Without a doubt the most frequently asked question relates to the safe termination of an employee. How can I ‘terminate’ so that there are no repercussions to me or to the business? When is it safe? Termination or dismissal is a very tricky area and is very dependent on legislation. The longer the [...]

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What does Parenting and Culture have in common?

Culture. What is it? Culture is often described as ‘The way things work around here…’ or 'the collection of unwritten rules, codes of behavior and norms by which people operate in a workplace'. Running a Business is like being a Parent – when the parents don’t parent, the kids rule! Unpredictability and Chaos is often [...]

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Culture, What is it?: 'The collection of unwritten rules, codes of behavior and norms by which people operate in a workplace'. Culture is the character and personality of an organization. It defines the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors that make the organization unique... it's the "this is how things work around here!" Culture [...]

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Hey Sweet Cheeks….have you got a minute?

Lets Talk About Sexual Harassment ! Sexual Harassment is without a doubt one of the most uncomfortable issues that any organization will need to deal with. In the 30 years since sexual harassment was outlawed in the workplace, it's prevalence is surprisingly still endemic. Conduct of a sexual nature that ‘could reasonably be expected to [...]

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PROFANITY: A COMMON BUSINESS PRACTICE or who gives a @@!$$%^&*()?

Are you in compliance with the federal "Anti-Cursing and Profanity" in the Workplace Act? OK, before you call your lawyer asking why she hasn’t told you about this law, there’s no such thing. But cursing or profanity should be on your radar. It is said that swearing is the sign of an inadequate vocabulary or [...]

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