How to know when to deal with a Performance Issue

Many people managers will ask the following question: When do I take Action and What do I need to do? Managing employees is one of the greatest leadership or communication challenges many Leaders will face.  There are a number of key things to remember. As a people manager you are both a Gardener and an [...]

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How to become a Master Communicator!

When we can recognize that success in all areas of our lives depends on our ability to communicate well with others we can realize and appreciate how important our own communication style is. In the employment environment the way we communicate can make the difference between being heard, listened to, understood, or between being Mediocre or being Brilliant. [...]

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New Bullying Legislation – what does it mean for me?

Now the Fair Work Australia has taken up the mantle of bullying in the workplace how on earth can business owners and people managers make sure that they avoid any penalties – building positive relationship and rapport may well be the answer but how can you do this safely and not be accused of harassment? [...]

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The Pain Free way to Manage Poor Performance

Firstly and most importantly we need to have clarity on any issue and a clearly documented process to follow in any situation where we need to address a performance issue with an employee. Five steps to help you manage poor performers in every workplace. 1.Disengage the Emotions: When emotion is engaged we become reactive and [...]

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Focus on What you Want!

The most difficult and most challenging thing for business owners or people managers to do is to manage their employees so that the employees can provide productive outcomes for the business – It is sometimes difficult to remember that our employees don’t want to do or don’t know how to do what they don’t know [...]

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Are you a Jack Ass or are you just not aware?

Bad or unacceptable behaviour on the part of a people manager can lead to poor performance. Bad behaviour can come from a lack of awareness of a lack of understanding, sometimes though it can just be an ‘I don’t care’ or an ‘arrogant’ attitude.... Often too, many people managers may believe that their intentions override [...]

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“Fools Gold” that leads to Poor Employee Performance

People managers always need to take responsibility for the outcomes of the people they manage – so here are 4 golden tips that can help. The business owner or people manager believing they know what is best for their employee and talking them into doing what the people manager wants to do, without clarifying and [...]

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4 Steps that Slash your Training Costs and Guarantee you get the same job done every time

Step 1...Create your Business Overview - Brain to Paper List all the tasks within your business, no matter how big or small a task is, if it is part of running your business it gets listed within the Business Overview. Include all area’s Administration, Customers Services, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources, Production Operations, Research & [...]

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Policies, Practices & Procedures…… Really?

Do I need to do that stuff? As a business owner, why do I need Policies Practices and Procedures? – It’s not fair, I just want to get on with business – with doing what I know how to do.  Why do I need all that Bull Sh_t? These are the types of questions we [...]

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IMPORTANT – Staff Christmas Party Advice

Our very best advice for your Staff Christmas Party: 1. Keep it short and sweet – have a well advertised start and a finish time. (This can reduce the party after the party responsibility). 2. Provide lots of non alcoholic drink options (bottled water, soft drinks etc) – don’t make it all about the beer [...]

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