Are you witnessing narcissist behaviour?

Have you ever wondered why some people can take harmful action without showing signs of any remorse, empathy or compassion? Have you ever wondered if some people know that their behaviour is impacting negatively on others? Or if they care? Just because you don’t think your own behaviour is inappropriate, it doesn’t mean it isn’t. [...]

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Is that really what I said?

Building sustainable, resilient Teams, preventing conflict. George Bernard Shaw said – “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” We often forget that we are all different.  We have different backgrounds, different experiences, different histories, expectations and opinions.  It is no wonder that we often have a conflict in the workplace, [...]

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Bullying–Are you the Lion or the Mouse?

Can you spot the subtle side of bullying? Unacceptable workplace behaviour does not always come from the obvious places.  It is not always the big burly, bossy, aggressive or loud person who is using ‘bullying’ behaviour. The shrug of the shoulders, the rolling of the eyes, that deep sigh, can be equally as offensive as [...]

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Working with Younger Generation Leadership

If you are part of the X generation or the baby boomers you may have experienced working for a Younger (or Y) generation people manager. You may have been really fortunate to be working for someone who is young and is blessed with ingenuity, with wisdom, with experience, knowledge and maturity when it comes to interpersonal relationship and managing other people, or you [...]

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What is making you pull your hair out?

Why are your employees  turning your day upside down? Perhaps all you need to do is put a system in place that will allow you and them to understand exactly what you need from them.When I talk to people managers I hear complaints like – they are driving me insane, they are driving me to [...]

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Normal or not so nice?

Have you ever wondered why some people can take harmful action without showing signs of empathy and compassion?  Narcissistic behaviour might be the explanation CASE STUDY: Julie Smith (not her real name) was part of a team of 6.  The team was a well established group which provided an essential service directly to the public. [...]

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Breaking up is hard to do?

Do you suffer from the inability to make a decision about when and how to say good bye to a non performing staff member? Are you unable to define and draw conclusion on insufficient performance - both technical and attitudinal? Is good performance on the job clouding your vision of toxic behaviour damaging your business? [...]

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To Swear or NOT to Swear

Swearing the Vernacular of success? Swearing or poor language use appears to have become a normal part of many Australian workplaces.  It seems that intense opinions and feelings cannot be expressed without a liberal shake of ‘F’bombs peppered through the conversations.  Leaders or followers, boss or bogan, man or woman, young or old, rich or [...]

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What is NOT bullying?

There are distinct situations which may be claimed to be bullying behaviour (by a receiver) however have been identified as being appropriate in the workplace and therefore cannot be labelled as bullying behaviour.  These are mainly related to providing appropriate feedback on performance.  While the feedback may not be welcomed by the employee, as long [...]

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Be Clear about the Christmas Cheer

Work Christmas Parties........Things to be aware of: Christmas is a time to celebrate. Celebrations normally mean alcohol. As an employer or business owner you are responsible for the safety of your employees in the work place. If you are providing alcohol at a work related function you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of [...]

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