Why do Employees Steal?

Interestingly many surveys show that employees may steal from the business on their way out the door (when leaving the business for good). Our experience shows that employees will often ‘take things’ during their employment because they think it is owed to them. When personal ‘values’ differ from those of the business, employees may feel [...]

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Bullying what Bullying? I am not a bully….

Bullying what Bullying? I am not a bully.... Case Study: A recent situation with a local business has highlighted the importance of having a comprehensive policy and sound systematic process in place to protect your business. The business a small local manufacturer had recently appointed an apparently experienced people manager to oversee the work of [...]

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the proverbial Aussie ‘Sickie’

Who hasn’t been frustrated or concerned by an employee who seems to take more than the usual time off work for an apparent illness? Legislation sets out the amount of time available to each person to look after themselves (or their dependents) if they are not well enough to attend work. Whatever your thoughts, the [...]

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why do employees leave your business?

Why is it that most often poor performers stay while the best people leave? “Survey after survey has conclusively shown that employees are more likely to leave a company because of a poor relationship with their immediate supervisor than to seek a higher salary.” (David Bentley/ Naked Leadership) Conversely, employees stay because of their relationship [...]

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the value of exit interviews

THE VALUE OF EXIT INTERVIEWS Many businesses conduct exit interviews with departing staff.  While these businesses are to be commended for their commitment, the exit interviews are often not anonymous or independently conducted. This leads to the situation where employees (even those departing the organisation) are reluctant to be honest or truthful about why they [...]

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perception or reality

Perception The Mining Sector is luring our most valued employees with the promise of big money Reality It is very difficult to attract new talent and we don't have the money to compete with the mining sector. "You be the Judge" Perception  Employers are fighting a losing battle Reality Our experience is that money is [...]

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boss v’s best friend

Why you can’t be both boss and best friend! All human beings have a basic desire/ a need to be liked and to be popular. Whether we are an employee/cleaner/receptionist/manager/consultant or just plain human being, we want to be liked – that is unless we are a narcissist and are not aware of it. As [...]

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are your employees creating pain or profit

Mismanaged employees can create a significant degree of pain for any business. Some of the more evident symptoms of mismanaged employees are: · Increased Turnover – why are they leaving? · Increased Absenteeism -(sick leave, especially when you know it’s not genuine) · Low Productivity – the work is not getting done · Injuries – [...]

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what is aligned communication?

First, a big thank you to everyone who responded to our first e-newsletter! We appreciate the positive, supportive comments and value the constructive feedback. Now as promised: What is Aligned Communication? Communication is an interchange in which thoughts, opinions, needs, feelings or information are shared. To “align” means to bring into cooperation or agreement. You [...]

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