Respectful, positive communication is an essential component of successful people management, however, communication with employees needs to be incredibly sensitive, considerate and most of all respectful.  This is not only required by legislation but is also the only way that business can ensure that it achieves the outcomes it requires of its employees.

When working with our employees in achieving the best outcomes for our business I am always inspired by people managers who claim that they have a ‘fabulous team’ and that they are ‘one happy family’.  This sometimes appears to be a fluke however; most often it is the result of the people manager treating their employees like (a loved) family – with the utmost sensitivity and great respect.  This will often produce its own reward with more committed employees who really care about you and your business and a people manager who can truly boast that we are one fabulous Team, one happy family!

Great communication is based on listening well – listening to really hear what is being said, hearing to really understand.  Understanding so that any relevant action can be taken and or the issue responded to….(quote attributed to Russel Wylie of Becoming Better Pty Ltd)

On the other hand great communication is rarely if ever misunderstood – Feeling misunderstood means that some clarification may be required.

Great communication is never dismissive or lacking respect for self or for the other person…..

Good, respectful communication is actually like a rare gem.  Always willing to be looked for, difficult to spot, even harder to find.

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