Continuing on from last month…..because communication -good quality, respectful, thoughtful communication is so very important, we are still focused on our communication topic.  Many employees will tell us that the communication within the organisation they work for is selective/secretive, often not supportive and respectful – why is this, when people managers will tell us that they are doing the best they can…

We ask the question ‘does communication happen in the head, ears or mouth?’  Neither. Good communication usually start in the heart- good listening also usually starts in the heart – heart is where it is at. And in our experience, that this is the first mismatch of the communication challenge.  People Managers and employees have differing and often ‘head based’ needs and expectations of the communication process.  While People Managers believe they are ‘doing it right’ Employees are ‘receiving it’ very differently….Communication and Culture are very close relations.  If the Culture of your business doesn’t deliver the Communication needs and wants of the business then the Culture may need an adjustment?

So what is good communication and how can we as ‘people managers’ be sure the ‘reception’ is appropriate?

How do we as People Managers ‘model’ good communication?

  1. Ensure that we are in the right place/space (this relates to our own personal emotions)
  2. Make sure we engage our hearts (and our heads) before we communicate
  3. Know what’s been happening in our own bodies and heads so that we are not passing on our own negativity
  4. Remember always that ‘what we focus on is usually what we get’ – so focus on what you want!!

While this list is purposely limited it gives us some crucial insight into our responsibilities as role models of the communication challenges we are confronted with daily.

If we as the people mangers and role models can’t deal with the challenges of communicating effectively and positively with our employees:  how can we expect our employees will communicate effectively and positively with our customers?

So rather than quickly Criticising, Complaining, Competing, Contending and Comparing (as Steven Covey points out) let us as People Managers set out to do Communication differently, let’s do it through creating a Culture of Positive Respect and Regard, Caring, Catching People ‘doing it right’.

Let’s Compliment, Comfort, Support and Reaffirm respectfully.  Let’s be good role models, let’s have a positive impact and make it happen in the positive sense rather than the negative……

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