Without a doubt one of the most frequently heard complaints from employees is that they are treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and they don’t know what is ‘ going on’….. So they say things like – “There is not enough Communication around here” …..”We never know what is going on”. And this is standard in most workplaces

Most workplace situations can become increasingly more difficult to manage because of the perceived lack of information flow to employees.  Many people managers might believe that they are the owners of the information and they will only distribute the information over which they think they have some control!! Additionally people managers like to predict the response they will receive. This can often lead to a lack of trust because most employees do not like their response to be predicted.  To add another problem to the issue it is important for all people managers to deal well with sensitive information.  Walking the Communication tight rope is a tall order for any people manager!!!! And then of course there is the miscommunication which occurs through the gossip circle.  Like Chinese whispers the message can be twisted and changed to misrepresent the original intention.

Effective communication is essential to effective management and outcomes of workplace issues. Providing information to your employees does not guarantee that they have heard it, understood it or that they are willing to take the appropriate action. So we do not advocate a ‘Communication Dump”….. Communication is offered and we need to know that it has been received effectively before you can rest. We are often too busy crafting our reply to really be listening and hearing when communication comes our way.

Especially challenging are workplaces where diversity is the order of the day.  This could be people from different counties of origin, different backgrounds, or as basic as the type of employment i.e. casual, permanent, part time, different rosters, different types of work.  Because we are all different we hear things differently too. These variances can all create or add to that ‘silo’ mentality where we think our challenges are unique and communication becomes an additional obstacle.

According to one of the ‘Communication Masters’, Steven Covey, the 5 communication cancers are:

  • Criticizing
  • Complaining
  • Competing
  • Contending
  • Comparing

At Practical People Solutions we like to add Assumptions to that ‘C’ list.

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