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With over 45 documents, this package helps to make you the expert when it comes to managing your staff. Many practices and
procedures are legislated and you have no option. With the ease of having all your employment management documents in place, you
can feel confident that your business has its bases covered.


Employment Management Package provides all the essential documents for managing your people.

The Package

Practical People Solutions’ Employment Management Package provides all the essential documents for managing your people: from recruitment to termination, through to performance improvement and dealing with disciplinary issues. There are key reasons why this package works for you. All documents are:

  • Current and updated regularly
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Aligned to legislation and your business
  • Ready to implement
  • Provided electronically and in hardcopy format
  • Tailored to your business, if required
  • Designed to help you define your business culture

This package is your key to doing it right and protecting your business. It provides your business with the A-Z of documents you need when you employ people, from Process and Procedures to Policies required by legislation. All designed to make running your business easier.


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Employment Management.

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Why you need this package

Businesses that employ people often struggle to have the right policies, practices and procedures in place. This unique, up to
date, very workable package of documents provides an essential and solid foundation to ensure all your employment
management practices comply with the necessary law. This package contains all your employment management documents
in one place and ensures that your business is protected from unnecessary risk.


Is your business at risk?

Current and ever changing employment law dictates that employers have an increased responsibility when employing people. If you employ people, you need to comply with the required laws and you must have basic documents in place. Practical People Solutions’ Employment Management Package documents provide the building blocks of the people management side of your business. These documents are easy to use must haves for everybody’s business. Your package includes:

  • Employer forms – recruitment, appointment, performance management and more
  • Employee forms – gathering information and managing employees
  • Policies and procedures
  • Processes and checklists
  • Formats and general employer information