It might seem unnecessary now, however the following is our very best advice for enjoying your Staff Christmas Party while keeping you, your employees and your business safe in the future!!

The question being asked by many businesses-  Do we have to have a staff Christmas Party?

Remember always…. ‘An ounce of prevention can be worth many pounds of cure!!!


Our Best tips follow:

  1. Keep it short and sweet – have an advertised start and a finish time. (This can reduce the risk of the ‘party after the party’).
  2. Provide lots of non alcoholic drink options – don’t make it all about the beer and wine.
  3. Provide food at the beginning of the function – it helps to soak up the alcohol and so reduces the risk of bad behaviour.
  4. Encourage safe drinking and responsible behaviour – many a promising career has come to an abrupt end due to bad Christmas party behaviour. In the lead up to Christmas remind staff , ‘the behaviour(especially bad behaviour) may be remembered long after the hangover is forgotten’.
  5. Remind staff that they are at a work related function, still representing the company.  Refer to your well worded Code of Conduct.
  6. Remind staff that bad behaviour (abusive, offensive, against the law) will not be tolerated. And take any appropriate action promptly if bad behavior is witnessed.
  7. Encourage staff to be on the very ‘best’ party behaviour!!
  8. Encourage your staff to pre arrange for a safe way to get home. Taxi vouchers(the business can provide the taxi vouchers), spouse pickup…..etc.
  9. Make it clear to your employees (in writing) that all behavior and their attendance at any after parties remain the responsibility of the employee!!
  10. Ensure that any exchanged gifts are ‘workplace appropriate’…

While the annual Christmas Party is not the only place that interactions between staff can become problematic – it is one of the few predictable and more manageable places so avoid any New Year headaches which might relate to the staff Christmas Party – after all – an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure!!

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