Termination, sacking, getting rid of – these are often the terms many an employer will use when what they really want to do is ‘part ways safely’ with an employee who is bringing the business some grief. While the words aren’t fabulous, they are often stated at the end of a long road by a tired and frustrated people manager or business owner. The business owner or people manager will often feel like they have done everything they can do to help the employee understand what they (the business) is wanting from the position.

Often the frustration is cause by ‘inaction’ or insufficient action or communication between the employer and the employee- the employee will normally have ‘their own story – or their own version of events’ and that’s why often there may be a claim for unfair or unjust dismissal. Fair Work Australia provides a significant amount of information and direction to both employers and employees in relation to termination of employment and these guidelines can be followed for a ‘safer’ process -check out the following website http://www.fairwork.gov.au/ending-employment–

It is interesting to note that no matter what you do – an employee can always lodge an unfair dismissal claim – and often (if a clear process is not followed) they will be successful…..just because they are an employee.

There are 1,000 things to consider – has performance management occurred/been recorded? – can you pay notice period instead of the employee working it out? What behaviour warrants instant dismissal?

How can we help you??

We can:

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4.Do it for you

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6.Work out how you can part safely…..

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