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it all depends on how well you manage the people who work for you. With an understanding and implementation of some very basic people management practices, you can let your business soar. At Practical People Solutions, we understand that great people management can make the difference to you and to your business. We can ‘coach you through it’,’ show you what to do’ or, when it comes to the ‘tough stuff’, we can ‘do it for you.’

If employee issues are getting on top of you, we have a unique, boutique people management service to give you the right solutions. No need to waste time worrying about what will happen next, or what you should have done. When you contact Practical People Solutions for a specific action or solution, you will have the personalised, tailored service which has become our trademark. We will show you how to put in place effective preventative people management practices for your business, or we can work with you on your people problems when they arise.


We can work with you on your people problems


Getting the job done

Practical People Solutions will provide you with the answers and easy to follow processes for your most challenging people management issues. We are able to provide the solutions your business needs, including:

We are able to provide the solutions your business needs including:

  • Position descriptions and employment contracts
  • Help with finding the right person for the job
  • Safely and quickly managing a conflict
  • Conducting an effective and safe investigation into a harassment or bullying complaint
  • Managing poor Performance
  • Parting Ways Safely….

We can be there quickly to provide a personalised service which is customised to your specific needs at the time you need us the most. Whether you need KPI’s, KRA’s, valid measurements, motivating performers, or want to improve poor performance, people management challenges are best left to the experts.

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Frequently asked questions

Legislation demands that an Employer provides a ‘Safe Work Environment’ free from harassment. Many employers are unaware of necessary protocols and procedures – but ignorance is not considered an excuse. Any ‘allegation’ of bullying will need to be taken very seriously for both the possible Perpetrator and the Victim. When left unaddressed, this situation can lead a victim to the point of depression and even progress to ‘self-harm’, damage to property or abandonment of employment. Practical People Solutions can help you navigate the legislation to not only protect the Employee but also guide Managers and Directors so as to prevent or deal with legal charges.  Care also needs to be taken with any allegation as the claim may not be genuine, or even made out of malice.  Formal records of communications must be completed in order to protect all parties.  Some employers prefer to bring in an independent person outside of company politics who can deliver the highest level of care and experience to defuse a typically highly emotional, sensitive situation.
It may seem impossible to achieve a ‘safe’ termination: a terminated employee will usually have recourse to ‘unfair’ dismissal legislation, regardless of the process you follow. However, an employer can reduce the risk to their business by following a strict process of lawful termination. This involves treating the employee in question with dignity and respect – something that is easier for an independent person to achieve. At Practical People Solutions, we understand that terminating an employee needs to be a very unemotional (but not callous) process, and, again, we are able to defuse what is usually an extremely emotional and sensitive situation.

A. It is easy for an employer to become convinced on scant evidence that an employee is ‘not telling the truth’. While this is not an unusual situation, it is dangerous for an employer to accuse an employee of lying. The best thing to do here is to defuse the situation, discuss the circumstances with a specialist and take action only if conclusive evidence is available.

Choosing the right person is easy when you know what you are looking for. As recruitment specialists, Practical People Solutions follow a simple step by step process to help you to be the best possible employer – so that you can attract the best possible employee. Keeping or retaining your good employees requires understanding their needs and helping them to ‘manage’ their future career path: something we are well versed in. When it comes to attraction and retention, our extensive experience will help you to feel confident that you are doing all the ‘right’ things. If you would like a Template SAMPLE of the process or a Career Pathway goal sheet, click here to get a free copy, which you are welcome to edit for your own use.