Recruiting a new person is one of the most exciting times for any business – following are a few of things which the experts do which can make the process safer and more productive for you and your business.

These notes are provided as a guide for the employment process and will allow you to increase your chances of finding, appointing and keeping the right person for your business.

  1. Develop your business environment – make sure it attracts the right calibre of person to your business – know what your competitors are doing – understand key employee attractors for your industry.
  2. Plan your advertisement process – avoid reference to attributes which may exclude applicants (unless they are job specific). Eg age, colour, ethnic background, religion, political opinion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, disability, carer’s responsibilities and homosexuality.
  3. Ask the right questions at an interview – have questions documented, record the answers. Establish why the person wants the job, whether the person is able to understand your business and what the position requires. Do they demonstrate enthusiasm?
  4. Listen to the answers – 70% listening and understanding – listening takes energy, make sure your head is clear, and record the answers to refer to later.
  5. Be able to expand on the advantages of working for your business – 30% talking. This is your chance to shop front your business and the advantages of working for you.
  6. Limit the number of interviews you will do in one day – we have human limitations (before it all becomes jargon). Know what your limitations are.
  7. Give yourself the best chance of making a good decision
  8. Check references – without fail. Listen to the pauses. Ask, don’t assume.
  9. Use profiling tools if you believe they will be advantageous and especially if finding the right person for the position is really important to your business. Profiling tools give you another insight into the person before you make an appointment.
  10. Establish a thorough induction process. Make sure the employee understands your work environment and what is expected of them. Talk them through it. Ask questions. Do this regularly and often through the transition process.  Check for understanding.
  11. Be an exemplary employer. Do all the right things. Walk the talk. Build good relationship foundations.
  12. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to part ways – (seek professional advice in order to do this well and safely for you and your business)

In Summary, Done Well, the Recruitment& Employment Process will Include:

  • Developing a Blue Print for the right person in the right position.
  • Being Employer of choice- develop your retention strategies.
  • Legislation- Comply with the employment related legislation.
  • Attraction- attracting applicants.
  • Appointment- the appointment process. Cover your bases and put it in writing.
  • Induction – conduct an entry survey- this is the transition phase.
  • Train, develop and grow- give your employees a good reason to stay.
  • Measure and feedback- make this a constant and positive process.
  • Keep and Retain- develop ongoing relationships.
  • Grow- allows the person to develop.
  • Promote- allows the person to see their career path.
  • Deal with Problems as they arise- nip problems in the bud.
  • Part ways gracefully & safely – when all else fails (seek expert advice prior to this).
  • Resignation – conduct an exit survey.

You may need help to make every recruitment process professional and safe and to increase your opportunities of appointing the Right person for your business,  Contact Practical People Solutions  NOW clara@practicalpeoplesolutions.com.au  or  phone Clara on 0411 309 308