To everyone’s horror there is nothing to stop an employee from having visible tattoos or facial piercings.  It really is a personal choice.  Unfortunately it can also be evocative and is often seen as unprofessional.  You as business owner did not get into business to pay someone who has tats and facial piercings, Right?   So how do you stop it or safely get around it?

Softly, softly is the way to go. A clearly worded code of conduct or dress code that clearly spells out how the business will align itself to its clientele is one way around this challenge. It is important that the culture is set and that expectations are clarified prior to the person commencing work for your business. Appropriate, respectful policies, practices and procedures are the way to go here.  What needs to be avoided is the perception of ‘discrimination’ or poorly thought out reactions. If the situation has progressed passed this it may be time to call in the help of a specialist to deal with the situation….. Call us prior to proceeding.

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