The Purpose of reviewing the performance of any employee is really twofold:

  1. The intention is to provide feedback on the performance to date(usually since the last review) in line with the needs of your business or organisation.
  2. Secondly, it provides opportunity for growth and improvement for the person and for the position- (usually a manager can outline what is required from the employee in the future)

While these are two really valid technical reasons for going through the process there is a third and more important reason and that is that the performance review process provides a unique opportunity to establish rapport and build a positive relationship usually between the employee and the business.  This is often the only time the employee has the opportunity for open, honest discussion with their manager or the business owner and the only time they can ask open questions or provide feedback.  It may be the only time too that they receive any one on one time and can find out ‘how they are doing’ and what they can do to improve or grow…..(given that most employees are wanting career growth)

All positions within an organisation be it cleaner/caretaker, receptionist, chief executive or general manager can benefit from a constructive and positive performance review process.

How often an appraisal process is conducted is open for discussion – the jury is out on this issue.  Some businesses like to conduct them only annually, others quarterly…. Though it’s really important that any performance issues are dealt with promptly and not deferred to the next appraisal…..

Business always works better when relationships are built over time, when there is trust and when the interaction is positive.  This is especially significant for internal relationships.

The most important question a manager or business owner can ask an employee during a performance appraisal process:  “What is it that I can do to make your job easier?”  This type of question – when asked sincerely can show that the people manager or business owner really cares. This question can be asked with a variety of ‘probe’ questions until an answer is solicited.

While many managers and employees may see a performance appraisal process as negative, this is often because processes have been adopted from another business rather than tailored to your specific business need. A Performance Appraisal Package is best tailored for you, for your employees and for your business outcome needs.

Practical People Solutions can help you tailor a specific process for you – we can guide you through it, show you what to do, or do it for you…….

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