Tailor-made infusions of motivation &
education for your business


Down to earth, thought-provoking, motivating, riveting, educational, eclectic – all words used to describe our punchy workshops, tailored to your business. At Practical People Solutions, we don’t offer any ‘off the shelf’ training. Each workshop is specifically created for your staff and your business needs and issues. Our workshops provoke brain and emotional engagement and make learning and growing fun. They will inspire you to do business better by getting involved, becoming motivated and stepping up to the challenge.


Each workshop is specifically created for your staff and your
business needs and issues

The Workshops

Our workshop leaders specialise in facilitating vibrant, inspiring and
informative learning for many challenging employment management
topics, including:

  • Employees “Good to Great” – giving Employers what they really want
  • Team Building – how to build a great team by design
  • Harassment/Bullying/Sexual Harassment – the must-have basics for any business
  • Recruit Right – know the business, know the job, know the role and know how to get the right person
  • People Management Skills for People Managers – how to manage your employees for exceptional outcomes
  • Employment Essentials – the basics you need to know if you employ people in your business

Each Practical People Solutions workshop focuses on providing inclusive, inspirational up to date information which challenges each participant to make positive changes to the work environment. Full participant involvement is a key to


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